Let's make your retail dreams a reality, together.

Whether you're strategizing for the big league or diving into the nitty-gritty of deployment, we've got your back.

Consider us your strategic partners, ready to tailor our support to your specific needs and goals.

Brand Retail Solutions mission:
curate successful retail deployment solutions
Brand Retail Solutions is a retail consulting agency dedicated to supporting companies
in their early or mature deployment phase of physical store openings.
Our mission is to provide comprehensive support that covers every aspect of a successful store launch,
from organizational structure, sourcing to sustainability.

Your strategic requirements

Helping you defining the key strategic elements to kick off your physical retail launch

Define retail formats

Define the different retail formats required to cover the variety of  environments and location types considered in your business plan.

Team structure

Defines roles and responsibilities while clarifying the need for internal vs.
external resources.

Deployment proceses

Map interactions and flow of information between stakeholders. Develop the library of forms and templates to ensure consistency.

Your deployment requirements in 6 steps

Thanks to a network of partners, we can support you in every step of your opening process, get your organization ready, and find the right long term partners as your needs and maturity evolve.
Ensuring that this is the right location for your brand and business.
2. Site survey
Site visit with a local architect to assess the site complexity and avoid future surprises during permit and construction.
3. Preliminary project
Preliminary design with planning and budget projection. Engage with lease terms and conditions negotiation.
4. Project phase
Detailed store design, including engineering development. Submissions for permits and licences. Updated timeline and budget.
5. Execution phase
Tendering and bids to select a construction vendor. Space handover, demolition, construction, and furniture manufacturing.
Operational installation (IT, staff, stock, …) Visual merchandizing
Digital communication
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Our professional services offer

An la carte, end to end offer to support your retail roll out and operation

Design solutions

From the smallest touch point to your largest concept declination, including travel retail and POSM, we can connect you with experienced designers who understand your brand DNA and the experience you aim at delivering to your customers.

Real Estate

Our team and partners can assist you in all real estate back office support.
 A multi lingual service offered by independent consultants with no conflict of interest and with the highest confidentiality. A service that allows you to focus on added value tasks and keep your property team to the optimal size.


We provide organizational support to define the best structure, set up teams, and develop processes and guidelines enabling a smooth roll out.


Our team supports you in your sourcing decisions (furniture production, site selection, and lease negotiation), develop contracts and templates, leveraging a global network of designers, architects, and general contractors worldwide.


We prioritize sustainability in all aspects of the store opening process. We help you define your pledge and commitment to sustainability, and provide ongoing support to ensure it remains a priority throughout the store's life cycle.

Project Management Platform

To ensure the smooth and efficient execution of store opening, we implement a project management platform to collect and analyze data. We define needs, select the right tool, implement and develop reporting dashboards and KPI trackers.

Deep dive into Real Estate and Supplier selection

The type of suppliers you need may evolve over time. You can rely on our extensive network of retail seasoned specialists present in over 100 countries.

Real estate

  • Back office support and lease management
  • Independant and confidential multi-lingual service

Network of suppliers

  • We rely on a network of over 200 suppliers strategically located in areas around the globe.

Global presence

  • We have been operating in over 100 countries covering all continents : Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Oceania, Americas and Africa.

Deep dive into store deployment set up

Defining the optimum organization based on your needs and ambitions is the first step.
Baked up with the definition and formalization of the process clarifying the roles and responsibilities.

Which organization do you need?

  • Define the best structure 
  • Develop the job description recruitment support
  • Evaluate skills to be internalized vs. externalized

Define the processes

  • Clarify scope and responsibilities of each stakeholder


  • Develop and document processes
  • Create personalized documentation (forms and templates) to harmonize terminology

Deep dive on Sustainability

“Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” - Gro Harlem Brundtland.

How can I be more sustainable in my retail operation ?

  • Define the pledge and commitment for the retail network
  • Prioritize actions towards sustainable deployment
  • Leverage UN Sustainability Development Goals

Let's implement

  • Evaluate suppliers capabilities
  • Consider impact of concept and optimize
  • Include day to day running operation impact

Manage ESG reporting including retail

  • Collect and process data for the company sustainability report
  • Issue statements on progress for investors
  • Calculate and update Scope 1, 2 and 3 emission

Deep dive on platform implementation

You need to track your network, your leases and the cost of the opening of these touch points.
Therefore you need a tool that will provide you with the master data enabling your reporting.

Which platform do you need?

  • Assess the needs based on the tools already used in your organization
  • Support the RFP and selection process

Define data structure and implement

  • The core of the success is linked to the data structure
  • Collect data and implement
  • Test workflows and release to user


  • Develop the reporting dashboards
  • Define the KPI tracked and their frequency


Why choose us?

Retail has evolved over the years and is regularly opposed to digital.
The reality is that consumers crave experiential retail.
We will bring our experience to build or refine your brick and mortar retail.
Years of experience
Experienced suppliers

Philippe Josse
Founder and Senior Consultant

Philippe has launched his consulting firm after 20+ years in the retail and hospitality industry. He recently served as Global Head of Retail Development and Deployment at Philip Morris International (IQOS), supporting experiential formats deployment in markets worldwide at a fast pace (250 boutiques and over 2,000 shop-in-shops).

He has extensive experience in managing the deployment of retail formats and developing retail networks, steering budgets from 10K$ to 6 Mio$. Prior to this role, he held similar positions at Nestlé Nespresso (750 boutiques) and Haägen-Dazs (85 franchises). He also worked as a quality assurance consultant for LRA Worldwide  for luxury hotel chains working on customer experience.

Philippe holds an MBA in Management from ESSEC Business School and has completed executive education programs in Leadership and Leading Digital Business Transformation from London Business School and IMD, respectively. He’s a certified SCRUM Product Owner to manage digital projects and graduated from the CISL Sustainability Leadership Program at Cambridge University.
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